University of Applied Science of Eastern Switzerland

University of Applied Science of Eastern Switzerland

The IMP Institute at OST Campus in Buchs focuses on educating engineers in photonics, microtechnology, materials sciences, and production metrology. Alongside its educational role, OST develops cutting-edge technological solutions meeting industrial standards. With a team of 50 professors and highly skilled engineers, the institution ensures the highest professional standards in its research and development projects. OST integrative systems engineering approach and experience in collaborative, transdisciplinary projects ensure innovative and practical outcomes.

OST expertise covers:

  1. Microtechnology: From MEMS design to advanced packaging solutions, OST offers the complete micro-technical process chain in an ultra-modern clean room spanning 600 m2.
  2. Photonics: The core competencies in photonics include laser-based manufacturing (SLE), fibre optics, optical system design, and coating technology.
  3. Materials science: Specialists in metallurgy, damage analysis, and materials selection consultation for metallic, polymer, and composite materials.
  4. Production metrology: Expertise in tactile, optical, and multisensory coordinate metrology, roughness metrology, and geometric product specifications


In the PIONEAR project, OST micro-technology and photonics teams collaborate on the membrane, acoustic substrate, and packaging, in coordination with colleagues from Tindall.

Team members

Dr Tobias Lamprecht

Head of Institute for Microtechnology and Photonics; Professor of Microtechnology

Dr Markus Michler

Professor for Physics and Photonics; Head of Competence Centre Integrated Optics; Profile Leader Photonics

MSc David Eggenberger

Project Manager and scientific collaborator

MSc David Bischof

Research associate

MSc Tina Strüning

Research assistant

Marco Roth

Research assistant