Developing a photonic microphone with better-than-human-ear sound quality

PIONEAR key facts

PIONEAR is an EIC-funded within the Horizon Europe framework of the European Union, aiming to develop a novel photonic microphone technology with better-than-human-ear sound quality, improving by far the quality of current Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEM) microphones. The proposed innovation anticipates a profound impact across various sectors from consumer electronics to autonomous vehicles, promising programmable directivity and unprecedented selectivity.

“The PIONEAR project makes it possible for us to turn this audacious technical concept into reality, in collaboration with some of the very best people in their respective fields.”

Per Grön – Founder of Lumiary & PIONEAR project coordinator

Our technology

PIONEAR technology relies on a technique called chromometry, using light instead of electrical signals to detect sound. This novel approach allows our microphone to achieve unparalleled sensitivity and dynamic range, capable of capturing the faintest whispers and the loudest roars with exceptional clarity. As a result, our everyday electronic devices, smart TVs, smart speakers, and even smart cars could reliably be controlled by voice commands regardless of the background noise. Acoustic hearing aids would provide a more natural acoustic experience to those with impaired hearing.

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